Ierna Piano Tuning

"a family trade since 1952"

The Ierna family has three generations of piano technicians that have been actively tuning in the Tampa Bay area for over seventy years. We can perform all of your piano needs and strive to give the highest quality work at the best rates. We specialize in Piano Tunings, Piano Repairs, Piano Rebuilding, Piano Refinishing, and always offer FREE advice from your friendly neighborhood piano tuner .

Our rebuilding and refinishing processes are quite extensive and can be customized to the individuals needs. The entire process is completed in one location at our 3000 square foot workshop in St. Petersburg, FL. We offer full restoration including rebuilds, reconditioning, and action work. It is important for a piano to play to perfection. Missing parts and one’s that cannot be found are never an issue. If we can’t find it, we have the expertise to create it in house.

The process for a basic rebuilding includes removing the strings, tuning pins, action, hardware, and cast iron harp from the piano. Any cracks or damage is repaired to the soundboard. The action is reconditioned or replaced depending on the condition and the customers needs. This can include replacing hammers, key tops, whippens, felts, springs, etc. Once the harp returns to the piano the custom ordered strings and tuning pins will be installed and the action will be regulated to ensure optimum performance. There are many small steps in between all of the large steps and the entire rebuild process takes generally three to four months.